Terms & Conditions for QRCodesPlus.com

The QRCodesPlus.com website is used only for the hosting of clients content and as a free platform for QR Codes Plus staff to host content for their family members & friends that has been accessed from QR Codes & Links

No products or services are sold by us from this website

QRCodesPlus.com is owned and operated by QR Codes Plus Ltd

You agree to be legally bound to the Terms & Conditions as outlined below.

Payments are by debit/credit cards. Please note we do not accept cash or cheques as payments.

If you change your mind about any element of work after we have begun you may incur further costs to cover our time. All work carried out after any order has been completed is chargeable and payable.

It is your responsibility to ensure all landing page content you supply to us conforms with your local laws and international laws.

We will need your name, address, telephone number (landline - no mobiles) and a valid email address. If you are applying for our services for a business we will need your business contact details. We operate a strict Data Protection Policy. For more information please click the Policies link on the footer menu.

Sending us files that you believe may be infected will result in the termination of your account. Files that may be infected could harm our systems and put our other clients services in jeopardy. Anyone who sends us such files will receive no refund for services already provided even if prepaid. Further to this you may leave yourself open to litigation and become blacklisted by sending us infected files.

If any of the contact details you provide us with change you agree to notify us without delay.

The following material is not allowed on QR Codes Plus Landing Pages: Anything that contains pornography, political views, gambling and offensive / racist / defamatory comments.

Renewals are charged annually.

You will be notified by email or by telephone prior to the renewal date of your services. We will ask you to confirm by email that you wish to carry on with the services.

If you wish to cancel your services please notify us at least 4 weeks prior to the expiry date by using the form on the contact page of our website

Please note that we do not give refunds in arrears for services already provided.

This section applies to all clients after purchase of their initial product(s).

All material for any edits or updates must be supplied in full by you prior to any work commencing. This is because we have to book work in. Failure to do this could result in a lengthy delay in completing work.

Further charges will be applied if the material you supply for any edits or updates is changed after the work has been carried out.

Any work carried out after your initial purchase is subject to a fixed hourly rate and is payable prior to work commencing.

Pornographic, offensive, racist, defamatory, copyrighted material without written permission from the copyright holder to use it or any illegal material is not accepted.

Images whereby people may be clearly recognised in the foreground are not accepted without consent of the person(s) involved.

Photos will be the property of the Copyright Holder. That is usually the person that took the photographs.

The use of material whereby a copyright is in place is not accepted without a license or written permission from the Copyright Holder. Proof may be required.

For example: images from Google may not be downloaded or copied and used on your landing pages.

Material licensed under the Creative Commons License is permitted on web pages produced by QR Codes Plus however attribution may be required.

All web pages, websites, apps and our landing pages need a Privacy Policy by law stating how you deal with visitor information they may send you and that includes our landing pages. While our website has its own Privacy Policy it will not cover how you deal with visitor information on your landing pages.

You agree that it is entirely your responsibility to provide QR Codes Plus with such a Policy however there are easy options.

We use TermsFeed for our own Privacy Policies. We have taken the relevant sections from this for both business & individuals and if you choose to you can use the relevant one for your Privacy Declaration on your landing pages.
More information can be found here.

Further Option: If you already have one use that.

Further Option: Hire a lawyer to write one for you - probably expensive.

Further Option: Write it yourself - not recommended unless you know exactly how to do it.

Further Option: Use an online Privacy Policy Generator - Free versions can be found online.

QR Codes Plus reserves the right to alter prices on this website without notice.

The number of users allowed is a maximum of 5 per account.

Access to the Page Editor must begin by using this link »

All websites in the U.K. & EU are required by law to have a Cookie Control System.

All web pages made by QR Codes Plus will adhere to this law and have such a system.

In no event shall QR Codes Plus be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of data or profit, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the information on this site, even if QR Codes Plus or a QR Codes Plus authorized representative shall have been advised of the possibility of such, and whether based in an action in contract, or any other theory of liability. Use of a QR Codes Plus product does not guarantee the sale of what you advertise.

Any person, business or company having any service(s) from QR Codes Plus agrees to the Terms & Conditions laid out on this page.

These Terms & Conditions may be subject to change without notice and will be published on this web page. Check back periodically for updates.

If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions, You can contact us by visiting this page on our main website.